Valentine’s Day

I had a good one. I feel like I’m really good at choosing presents for people and making a day special.

I’ll always think of millionaires candy at this time of year. It was a big seller at my dads store during this time of the year.

I’m still dreaming of a dog. Reading books and talking with the family. Maybe this summer? Who knows.

Headed back to the doctor today. MRI on my knee and nerve conduction test. I also have a horrible case of tennis elbow.

Supposed to get a new tattoo Thursday.

Have to work Saturday.

My birthday is Friday. I’ll be 40. Don’t know what to think about that.


Yesterday I went to the doctor. I have been having some numbness on the left side of my left knee. This has baffled at least three doctors in the area that I have been too. I have had nerve conduction test MRIs physical exams, steroids you name it.

this doctor was new and basically wants to try a couple of things I’ve already tried only more focused. So I am hopeful this isnt life-threatening just basically annoying.