the black gate

I worked at Mississippi’s State of the State last night. It’s always been interesting working in and around the capitol building. Long day and late night though.

Looks like I’m going to have a good turnout for my “I need to learn how to play Smash Brothers WiiU” get together Saturday. That’s good for me, I need the socialization. I’ve always been envious of people that have long friendships.

I continue to work toward tabletop gaming, Malifaux at this point.

I am really, really enjoying “the black tapes podcast” I can’t recommend it enough.

I started watching Gate.

Cookies and shit

Talked to the guy about playing Infinity and Malifaux.

Ordered a bunch of Malifaux.

Also got some foam for my DZC.

It’s Girl Scout cookie season and I just ordered 29 boxes? I never eat them all I usually end up giving them out at work.

Makes me think of my dad, gone 3 months today.

Creepy tabletop

I started “The black tapes podcast”. I really like it. The voice acting is a little spotty but it really gave me goosebumps.
I missed a learning tournament for “Star Wars: Armada” today. I really like fleet based tabletop gaming and that one really interests me.

I heard of a guy playing at the shop closest to me, comic commander. He was playing a game that really interests me called “infinity” I have always wanted to learn how to play and have purchased the rulebooks and a ton of figures. So I emailed the guy after getting his info from another guy I know and hopefully can play in the future.

I’m currently watching the WWE Royal rumble. I got back into wrestling last year and I try to follow the weekly show but mainly I just read the dirt sheets and watch the PPVs.

Let’s all go to the mall

Northpark mall that is. Took the family over there for a little shopping. I explained my kid what a big deal the mall used to be to me mainly because it was the only place that had a toy store. (Kay bee toys) she then asked me “what did you do for fun when you were my age?”

When I was her age, I had just started reading real books. I got a heavy into fantasy for the most part  and a little bit of science fiction. I think I was still playing with transformers and G.I. Joe’s. I also was playing a lot of NES at that time.

I finished “school live”. I think the next anime I watch will be “gate”.

I started playing Steins;gate on the vita.

Government Snow

Today at work we set up for the yearly “state of the state” broadcast. As a history student being in older government buildings is always fascinating. You can the feel the weight of the decisions made there sometimes.

We had snow flurries off and on all day today. I will never forget the first time I saw snow in Mississippi.  I was probably around eight.

I finished “the message podcast”. It was pretty good I recommend it. I continue to approach the ending of “school live”. Definitely an interesting Anime I recommend it.

I really would like to start a RPG on both my Vida and my DS. I am currently playing through fallout new Vegas on my 360.


at work we recorded the first episode of our political show. The set up for it was a bit of a nightmare
Power consumption and signal splitting were rampant.

I started the podcast “the message” because it was mentioned in a review of a game I was interested in called oxenfree. Interesting concept.

Went by GameStop since I have a $10 off coupon and picked up a handful of games to add to my enormous backlog. A couple of DS games including steel diver and a vita game called Xblaze code embryo.

I watched a handful of “school live” episodes. I’m over the halfway point now. It’s a good show, an original idea in anime


Thought about this and talked about this a lot lately. I’m not happy with how my friend list looks nowadays.

I moved to the Jackson area and lost my core group, post divorce I cut out even more.

Now I understand that some of it is my fault, but it is what it is.

I need to get out more. I’ve gotten where the only friends I talk to on a regular basis are virtual. I need to socialize more.

Working Man

I have been working since age 13. I didn’t have a choice in the matter, started working for free at my dads pharmacy. Six days a week in the summer and every Saturday year round.

I learned a lot about the world working there. It was way different than my upper middle class private school upbringing. I saw girls buying their first pregnancy tests, people who couldn’t read or write, addicts, it probably deserves it own series..

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Happy Holidays

It’s been interesting watching my kids react to the holidays. Full of excitement about seeing cousins and other family. We all remember this right? What happened?

I think it all starts to fall apart around the time kids become teenagers. Once you get to driving age, you are no longer locked into going to where you parents go. You may have a “special someone” and you want to spend Christmas with them.

It really starts to fall apart when the kids have kids of their own. Now you have your own family and have to split the holidays with your in-laws. Travel becomes a bit of a hassle and you worry more about your children than the rest of you family.

I would say the final nail in the coffin is when you have grandchildren. You may be down to just one parent, you have probably lost an aunt, uncle, cousin or all three. The days of that big family get together are long gone. If you are lucky you might hit a family reunion once every few years.

I know I have watched the family Christmas turn from a big gathering with 14 adults and 14 children turn into just one sad old woman whose kids don’t call.