Star War

Has anyone else “fallen out of love” with Star Wars?  I know this is weird to mention now with the “controversy” over the new film, but here we are.

I was born in 1976. Star Wars was a big deal on the playground. I had a ton of the Kenner figs and vehicles. The only film that I have any memory of seeing was “Return of the Jedi.”

With the arrival of VHS and the home video market most of us ended up watching the original trilogy hundreds of times over the next decade. Merchandise was harder to come by too. Though we still bought the odd shirt or sticker.

My family vacationed at Disney World shortly after the Star Tours ride opened. I bought a bunch of the West End Games RPG material, board games and the newly released book “Heir to the Empire.”  Star Wars was still burning brightly in my mind.

Over the next few years I bought up 90% of what would later be called “the expanded universe” books. They were hit or miss, but I loved reading about the continuing adventures of my heroes from childhood.

The hype train for “Episode 1” pulled out of the station a few years later, and I was ecstatic. I don’t think there has ever been hype like that for anything, and I doubt I will ever see anything like it again in my lifetime. It was indescribably insane. Luckily I was working at a movie theater at the time and got to see it a couple of days before anyone else. I walked out of the theatre and exclaimed “That sucked!” I know that is a really common opinion now, but trust me, back then nobody spoke against Star Wars.

On opening night, with friends and family, I saw the film for the second time. My opinion of the film remained the same. I was the odd guy out with most people professing their love for the movie.

When Episode 2 came out, I went in with really low expectations, but I really enjoyed the film. I was even excited to watch Episode 3, and I enjoyed it.

Sometime around then, a change came over me, but I didn’t know it yet.

After Disney bought Lucasfilm and the hype for new material started to build, I noticed my lack of interest. When the hype for “The Force Awakens” got big, I had to admit I didn’t care. I really was at a loss for a reason why. Had other fandoms simply taken over me?

I didn’t even see “The Force Awakens” or “Rogue One” until they came out on video. I liked “Rogue One,” but not a lot.

So here I am now.  Not unlike before, I have no plans to watch “The Last Jedi” until it comes out on video.  I don’t hate the films, I don’t feel mad — I just don’t understand why I stopped caring about Star Wars.  It feels almost sacrilegious.  So I am just curious, do you feel this way?  If so, can you pinpoint your reason why?

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