Happy Holidays

It’s been interesting watching my kids react to the holidays. Full of¬†excitement about seeing cousins and other family. We all remember this right? What happened?

I think it all starts to fall apart around the time kids become teenagers. Once you get to driving age, you are no longer locked into going to where you parents go. You may have a “special someone” and you want to spend Christmas with them.

It really starts to fall apart when the kids have kids of their own. Now you have your own family and have to split the holidays with your in-laws. Travel becomes a bit of a hassle and you worry more about your children than the rest of you family.

I would say the final nail in the coffin is when you have grandchildren. You may be down to just one parent, you have probably lost an aunt, uncle, cousin or all three. The days of that big family get together are long gone. If you are lucky you might hit a family reunion once every few years.

I know I have watched the family Christmas turn from a big gathering with 14 adults and 14 children turn into just one sad old woman whose kids don’t call.