So you went through a extremely traumatic experience. You learned a lot.

You see a someone headed toward exactly what you went through. You make a plan to talk to them to share your insight and advice.

You never “get around to it”.

Someone goes through what you went through

Now guilt sets in.

Valentine’s Day

I had a good one. I feel like I’m really good at choosing presents for people and making a day special.

I’ll always think of millionaires candy at this time of year. It was a big seller at my dads store during this time of the year.

I’m still dreaming of a dog. Reading books and talking with the family. Maybe this summer? Who knows.

Headed back to the doctor today. MRI on my knee and nerve conduction test. I also have a horrible case of tennis elbow.

Supposed to get a new tattoo Thursday.

Have to work Saturday.

My birthday is Friday. I’ll be 40. Don’t know what to think about that.


I got to spend some time with my brother this weekend as he moves from Texas to Florida.
We gathered at my late father’s house and it’s still kind of hard to go there and see his truck and other things that remind me of him.

I did really enjoy playing with my brothers dogs all weekend. My family did as well.

Contracting pains

well a weeklong bathroom renovation is now over. It’s been a long time since I have experienced something this stressful. This was my first renovation and I was completely unprepared for the screwup’s sloppiness and unprofessionalism.
Now I have to find someone to clean up this mess and I think it will be a long time before I attempt something like this again.

I’ve been reading books on training dogs maybe that’s in the future?


Yesterday I went to the doctor. I have been having some numbness on the left side of my left knee. This has baffled at least three doctors in the area that I have been too. I have had nerve conduction test MRIs physical exams, steroids you name it.

this doctor was new and basically wants to try a couple of things I’ve already tried only more focused. So I am hopeful this isnt life-threatening just basically annoying.

the black gate

I worked at Mississippi’s State of the State last night. It’s always been interesting working in and around the capitol building. Long day and late night though.

Looks like I’m going to have a good turnout for my “I need to learn how to play Smash Brothers WiiU” get together Saturday. That’s good for me, I need the socialization. I’ve always been envious of people that have long friendships.

I continue to work toward tabletop gaming, Malifaux at this point.

I am really, really enjoying “the black tapes podcast” I can’t recommend it enough.

I started watching Gate.